Foreign Files: GREECE

    000057 copy

    Sigh worthy islands. Flecked with gorgeous locals housed in dreamy white abodes next to the sea. Greece is a stunner. It’s every corner a snapshot so glorious it could be sold as a postcard.

    000059Each and every day full of crispy salty hair, quenching strawberry daiquiris and the bluest of blue waters closes with cherry violet skies. The colours sweep above the cliff face before a glowing moon shines above visitors that twirl on the dancefloor.

    twirlThere’s something beautifully different about the sun and water that envelope Greece. Everything about the elements is just a little bit more stronger, intensified by the percent that makes all its inhabitants glow and its wavy turquoise seas appear so glassy and translucent.

    The simplicity of life in Greece was what stuck with me. The all year round sunshine seemed to make the clock stop throughout the islands, stood still in an almost ancient lifestyle. No untidy infrastructure, no busy noisy cities and no 9-5 business hours. Everything just as it was many years ago – untouched and beautiful.


    Life Music

    Foreign Files: London & Reading

    Touch down. Crisp air and grey smudged skies.

    IMG_0071The streets of London are crowded. People swarming arm to arm in built-up city traffic like a tribe of ants.

    The buildings are grand and seeping with years of life. Crimson stained brick homes, rainbow-drenched Notting Hill condos and history-book cityscape masterpieces. The place will be sure to leave you with a new found love for architecture after getting shoulder to shoulder with the metro’s magnificent visual delights.

    000035It would be polite to give the architects a slap on the back, but rude not to give a round of applause to mother nature. The greenest of green parks pepper London Town to promise a decadent treat for all. Picnic rugs sprawl at all corners of turf, readers devour stories amongst the damp grass, children merrily giggle at flightless birds in ponds, and lone artists paint the world, eyes flickering between swaying trees, rippling waters and a half-finished canvas.

    parkVintage and Vinyl stores litter the place and gems you never knew you were looking for, appear in the bags of avid shoppers who are forgettable of their budgets.

    ukFestivals are kind of a must-do when in a foreign land so READING FEST opted as the perfect ambition for a couple of travelling girls.

    Uniformed rows of tents, head-aching early morning pregames, intoxicated dance moves and a dream-worthy lineup of artists. Cue some shots taken from too many rolls of film.

    ukkEngland you are well lovely.




    When we were little and bright eyed, time seemed to drag. Behind a school desk, the days lasted for hours beyond the clock –  fellow classmates sighing and restlessly squirming across rows of desks. When you’re a kid trapped in a classroom wearing an unfashionable pleated uniform I guess learning is a synonym for boredom and time a concept so slow, you feel as if you could be talking backwards.

    Fast-forward a few years and you’re a University student living each month at full steam – beginning and ending in just a few working days and a couple of marvellous weekend ventures. At the snap of a finger days turns into nights and weeks turn into months and next minute you’ve written essays worthy of a pass (or a hopeful distinction – aim high folks!) and completed another year of your degree.

    You see, today I’m flying to the UK for a semester of study exchange and I won’t be back in the land of Oz until a few months’ time. This may seem like a breath of fresh air for some, but for me has been a nauseating and tear jerking situation to get my head around. Having never flown overseas on my lonesome without the nagging (but needed step-by-step) instruction from my parents, my mind is boiling with mad anxiety and excitement –  a bizarre combination that is most certainly preparing me for the unexpected.

    feature testSo, as the clock has ticked at triple time hour by hour over the last few weeks I have tried to calmly sort my life out for the following months ahead. One thing that I have found that ain’t too easy is packing my life into ONE suitcase. Forget about outfit choice, forget about creaseless clothes – attire best fit to be rolled up and worn every second day is the way to go to avoid paying an extra bucket load of savings to haul around a back-aching amount of luggage.

    As well as this, having only limited valuables alongside this journey with me will indeed be challenging – especially when those valuables also account for a few people that I love.

    But hey, I guess this is why I chose to do this. To be challenged. To take a step outside of my comfort zone and experience a world first hand that I have only ever seen through pages and screens. The months ahead of me may be exciting, lonely, life-changing, terrifying and extraordinary – fingers crossed I’ll be gifted with a kind stew of experiences.

    As this thing called life seems to nudge itself further into fifth gear second by second, I hope you take a leap of faith with me and do something that will make your heart pound and your ego proud. Our days are beautiful and numbered so put your best step forward to create the future you want now.


    VINE – Jen Gloeckner


    Coming home after a long day at work to find the postman cradling a package to yours truly is always a spectacular treat. What makes the experience even that more peachy is when you open it to find VINE – ambient-psych songstress, Jen Gloeckner’s latest and third spellbinding record.

    Hailing from the shores of Dubuque, Iowa’s Mississippi River, Gloeckner’s ambient tunes have received worldwide airplay and have been covered by industry heavyweights in Clash Magazine, ABC News and 4ZZZ.

    Usually, one to resort to her home studio to concoct entrancing soundscapes, Gloeckner stripped things back this time round and resided to the comfort of her bedroom to produce and record the entirety of VINE. Her diary-like numbers and enchanting vocals have received great recognition across the interwebs in the past few months. Evidently intrigued, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Putting VINE to the test I popped the record atop my turntable and lowered down its needle.

    Leading is the album’s self-titled track – a whimsical tune that Gloeckner paints to an ex-lover amongst a backdrop of wind-blown vibrations. The song’s haunting blend of vocals and production perfectly sets the stage for the record’s overall theme.

    To follow is, ‘Firefly (War Dance)’ – a mesmerising cinematic marvel that feels as if it has been plucked straight from the climatic soundtrack of your favourite psychological thriller. The instrumental is a standout and it’s theatrical tribal like arrangements will send listeners into a glitchy dystopia.



    ‘Ginger Ale’, a personal favourite of mine will give you major Lana vibes, Gloeckner’s sultry tone amongst dream-like synths transporting you right into a fairytale set in the lush green countryside. I totally recommend you take a listen to this one whilst cloud-gazing underneath the shadow of a tree – the majestic sprinkling of keys and strings will be sure to take you on a nostalgia trip.

    On its trail is ‘The Last Thought’. With luscious strings and silky smooth vocals, Gloeckner slows the pace down and takes you to a dreamlike realm of intoxicating lust. Paired with desirous lyrics, the record switches lanes and takes a hypnotic and daze-like turn.

    As the album nears its close, ‘Row With The Flow’ emerges – a vocal driven track where Gloeckner’s voice takes centre stage amongst a moaning cello. The layering of vocals from The Police’s, Henry Padovani and In the Valley Below’s Angela Mattson bring a unique dimension to the record all while adding to the track’s mellow yet haunting sensations.

    VINE is a 39-minute hypnotic journey that comes nothing close to pop-drenched top 40’s. It achieves a strange sonic stance, being almost minimalistic yet simultaneously hefty in sound. Although the record at time wanders and gets lost in a churn of ponderous verses and jumbled productions, it is striking and authentic and is unlike anything I have previously come across. It is light and dark, ethereal and mysterious – a fusion of sounds and feelings that are intricate to deliver in just 11 tracks. VINE showcases the evolving sound of Jen Gloeckner, setting a promising future for her hypotonic and mind-bending direction in alt dream-pop.

    Keep up to date with Jen Gloeckner here. VINE is now available to purchase on iTunes and listen on Spotify.




    grass copy

    fallAll photos sourced from my Tumblr feed :)

    The days are cooling down, the nights are getting longer and the rusty leaves up top tree branches are falling to the ground. As you reach for a woolly knit or sip a toasty cup of chai press play above to put your mind at ease as seasons change and exams appear on the horizon. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons to breathe easy, knuckle down and get clear on some ambitions to work towards in the second half of the year. Hopefully, some slick tunes from Mr Demarco and BadBadNotGood will make your mid-year antics even more enjoyable. x


    Be Vulnerable


    Why crying in public, speaking your truth and opening your heart is your life’s biggest asset.

    Like me, I’m sure you’ve felt the slightly distressing and stripped naked (hopefully not literally) feeling of vulnerability in countless life situations – good and bad. From letting out a croaked sob during a heart-wrenching film in a packed cinema to having the guts to kickstart a personal or soul-defining passion, the feeling has the magic to show some true human beauty.

    So that’s why upon googling its definition I was kind of left a bit puzzled…

    defTo me, ol’ Google’s translation of vulnerability sparks connotations of weakness and naivety – two words that most certainly should NOT be associated with such a state.

    By showing vunerability you are not weak or naïve. You are powerful and bold. The idea of opening yourself up to either rejection or acceptance in an exposed state is some pretty scary stuff. Your stomach may drop and your nerves may soar but by gradually tiptoeing out of your comfort zone and baring yourself and your emotions you will challenge, learn and experience life’s most greatest riches.

    So if you feel yourself holding back or hiding behind a camouflaging façade make some extra effort to…

    embraceIn many situations, it can be a helluva lot easier to scrunch up your emotions and push them to the very back of your mind instead of grasping them with full force and taking them in your stead. The urge to do this is an act of self-control that you shower yourself with to stop you from feeling what you really wanna feel. If you’re a control freak like me, this may be a trap that you feel yourself falling into amidst many situations where you feel exposed to other’s judgments of yourself.

    As hard as it can be you need to push these nagging thoughts that are weighing your ego down away by teaching yourself to choose openness. Let down your guard and embrace your emotions, even if you may find them embarrassing or confronting. Feeling sad, enraged, happy, ecstatic or conflicted is a part of being a human and by losing control and embracing such ‘feels’ you will be guided to what you truly believe and want in life.

    truthWithin my past 18 years of existence, I have found myself in situations where my voice has suddenly, upped, left and set sail to a distant entity to escape all opportunities of expressing my opinions. My thoughts are shushed by the devil on my shoulder and my airways become trapped – my words unable to escape my lips. I stay quiet in political discussions, don’t raise my hand in university lectures and respond with ‘nothing’ when asked what is wrong.

    Once again such reactions have evolved out of my (what appears to be century-old) fear of vulnerability and confrontation as well as my desire to please others and appear ‘polite’. But really, where will such an uninvolved attitude and expression of participation get you in life?

    Fuck politeness is what I say. If you have a passion about an issue or feel strongly about something you believe in, SPEAK UP. By stating your truth and getting involved in civil opinionated conversations you will be gifted with the opportunity to express your own knowledge, learn from other perspectives and work on your own communication skills. As you have probably become aware of by now, communication can be a complex thing but by engaging in meaningful chats and articulating your truth you will learn to attain confidence in both yourself and your beliefs.

    loveWhen around people you admire or wish to please it goes without a doubt that you have at least once in your life consciously or subconsciously presented an idealised version of yourself in order to reach a desired perception. This ideology can be referred as ‘impression management’. By putting up and managing this ‘look at me’ shield-like persona of perfection you may fake your intelligence, pretend you dig your crush’s taste in music or even invest in a dress you would never rock when not in their presence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the ‘fake it till you make it’ concept but in the context of everyday interaction and communication with others you cannot and never will be able to love & be a ‘fake’ version of yourself.

    Flaunting and loving yourself can be a tough gig to get through as that annoying thing society has deemed as ‘insecurity’ can be great at playing mind tricks on us. What you always have to come back to though are the things that make your soul sing. What outfits do you feel most confident rocking? What music do you sing your lungs out to on lone road trips? What hobby do you have a secret knack for that fills up your spare minutes? It’s a combination of these little things that make up your true self. It can sure as hell be terrifying to put them out in the open but by owning them and self-assuredly acknowledging them in the presence of other people you can grow to find your authentic self and tribe of likeminded people. As shocking as it may be to believe, there is only one YOU in this big wide world. No one else has the same knack for cooking, same splatter of freckles, same outrageous laugh or same passions and beliefs. You are spectacularly marvelous in every single way and you need to be open to vulnerability to realise it.


    — from me to you & I

    Life Music

    Summer on Film

    mon cover

    As much as I cross my fingers and toes and wish it weren’t true, the end of summer is regretfully zooming by and coming to a blissful close. RIP to music fests, boogie/alcohol fused nights and days full of poolside dips and sweet nothings. *sigh* In commemoration of these past 3 extra-ordinary months I have garnered together a few of my favourite moments on film via cam and mobile documentary. Have a squiz below to see what some of my sweetest days entailed…I hope yours were just as fine and dandy.




    Life Music

    Summer Festival Survival Guide


    If you haven’t already noticed, I am a total festival junkie, so in commemoration of Aussie festival season I’ve put together a survival guide to ensure you make it to the end of a three-day festival without dying of heat exhaustion or collapsing due to blistered soles. I hope the start of your 2017 has been just as groovy and as alcohol-fuelled as mine! (just try not to destroy the liver kids).






    All photos sourced from my Tumblr feed :-)

    The temperature is peaking at a sweltering 30.2°C, watermelons are in season, fans are on high and ocean waves have never looked more desirable. Heeeeeeeello Summer! With just a week left until Christmas and t-minus 20 days until 2017 I thought I would present you with some new groovy tunes to get you jiggy just in time for festival season. So put your dancing shoes on, go overboard with some glitter and boogie the night away under the stars until the sky turns pink and tangerine.



    Post Adventure Blues

    I’ve had it, you’ve had it, we’ve all freaking had it. That empty, numb feeling you get once sinking your head into your pillow after a wild adventure. Days filled with belly-aching laughs, footloose drunken dancing and one hundred + snaps of memories has finally come to a bittersweet end.

    Just as the credits roll at the end of your favourite film, the memories on your camera roll trickle before your eyes as you scroll; all the bloopers, deleted scenes and privileged insta shots just sitting there in your hand, prompting simultaneous feelings of dreamy-eyed nostalgia and stale, hollow gloom.

    Experiencing such symptoms? Well ladies and gents, I diagnose you with Post Adventure Blues. Similar to the likes of Post-Concert Depression, this epidemic can come in waves and surface at times as simple as hearing the first few chords of a song you screamed at the top of lungs on your last road trip. I warn you it’s painful but at times can be the one feeling that makes your cheeks blush, your lips curl, your eyeballs gloss and your heart bubble with complete and utter delight. So I here, present you with a total of six phases you may be experiencing whether you’ve recently been on a whirl-winded trip around Europe or a weekend venture across state borders.


    What’s that I hear? Oh the sound of kickass stories worthy of turning your pals green-eyed with bubbling envy. You’re arriving back home full of love and bliss with hands cradling takeaway to keep your hangover at bay. This phase is most prevalent on the trip home, when you’re feeling content/10 and just deliciously europhic and god damn grateful about life with your phone on 20% and your belongings disorderly stuffed in your bag.


    An accurate representation of yourself minutes after walking through the door and dropping your bags on your currently ‘tidy’ bedroom floor. It’s official – the blues are creeping in. Sadly you realise you are no Bill Murray from Groundhog Day, and can unfortunately only relive your adventure through the snaps and videos taken on your iPhone. Bollocks. 


    Cue the moping. The dust has settled and it is time to wistfully get back to your plain jane ordinary life as work and other life responsibilities nip at your backside. The fire illuminated within you from your time away is slowly but surely being extinguished by your day-to-day routines and you try your absolute hardest to not impulsively dip a finger into your savings account and surrender to the beckoning road calling your name. Time to get back to work and compile some dollars to heal your piggy bank’s wounds.


    Your suitcase is unpacked and your belongings litter your bedroom camouflaging your furniture. Two questions may arise. 1) Why the fuck do I feel like a sulky child and 2) Where the hell is my bed? After chucking all articles of clothing into the laundry basket and finally identifying the frame of your mattress you collapse onto your bed face first with a groan. Late morning sleep in’s and early night bedtimes are quite frequent during this phase as you long to be anywhere else but your dreams yearning to go to new places and try new things.


    I like to think of this phase as a sort of ‘acceptance’ stage of your blues. Your camera film has been developed and your journal pages are filled to the brim with charming reminiscences. Funnily enough you’re ‘okay’ with it and you’ve surprisingly come to the point where you can train your eyes over your photo album and talk about your trip without wanting to shed a tear or two. You see them not just as soulless rippling reflections but as memories that you can cherish for days on end with your wayfaring buddies.


    Time has passed and your gaze has drifted back to the horizon. It may have been months, weeks or even just days but you know deep down that you will never be able to rid this vicious cycle from your soul. You browse through the travel sites you bookmarked previously in your state of grief in search for bargains and lean back into your chair in contemplation. Your finger hovers over the click of the mouse upon the booking page and your mind reels in uncertainty. To book or not to book…really, if you’ve got nothing to lose (except a few pennies), what the hell is stopping you?