When we were little and bright eyed, time seemed to drag. Behind a school desk, the days lasted for hours beyond the clock –  fellow classmates sighing and restlessly squirming across rows of desks. When you’re a kid trapped in a classroom wearing an unfashionable pleated uniform I guess learning is a synonym for boredom and time a concept so slow, you feel as if you could be talking backwards.

Fast-forward a few years and you’re a University student living each month at full steam – beginning and ending in just a few working days and a couple of marvellous weekend ventures. At the snap of a finger days turns into nights and weeks turn into months and next minute you’ve written essays worthy of a pass (or a hopeful distinction – aim high folks!) and completed another year of your degree.

You see, today I’m flying to the UK for a semester of study exchange and I won’t be back in the land of Oz until a few months’ time. This may seem like a breath of fresh air for some, but for me has been a nauseating and tear jerking situation to get my head around. Having never flown overseas on my lonesome without the nagging (but needed step-by-step) instruction from my parents, my mind is boiling with mad anxiety and excitement –  a bizarre combination that is most certainly preparing me for the unexpected.

feature testSo, as the clock has ticked at triple time hour by hour over the last few weeks I have tried to calmly sort my life out for the following months ahead. One thing that I have found that ain’t too easy is packing my life into ONE suitcase. Forget about outfit choice, forget about creaseless clothes – attire best fit to be rolled up and worn every second day is the way to go to avoid paying an extra bucket load of savings to haul around a back-aching amount of luggage.

As well as this, having only limited valuables alongside this journey with me will indeed be challenging – especially when those valuables also account for a few people that I love.

But hey, I guess this is why I chose to do this. To be challenged. To take a step outside of my comfort zone and experience a world first hand that I have only ever seen through pages and screens. The months ahead of me may be exciting, lonely, life-changing, terrifying and extraordinary – fingers crossed I’ll be gifted with a kind stew of experiences.

As this thing called life seems to nudge itself further into fifth gear second by second, I hope you take a leap of faith with me and do something that will make your heart pound and your ego proud. Our days are beautiful and numbered so put your best step forward to create the future you want now.

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  • chloe

    I love this Chels!!

  • Maddie Porter

    Gear up for hands down the greatest time of your life my love! I did the exact same as you last year and oh man, what I would do to relive it! The people you’ll meet, the places you’ll see, the ridiculous amount of pasta you’ll eat (asda- a land where you can buy kgs of pasta for 3 pounds!) as you’ll be saving your pounds for plane rides! Have the most glorious time sweet lady!! :)

    • You angel! Moved into my residences just two days ago and have already fallen in love! I guess the adulting now begins haha <33