Foreign Files: GREECE

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Sigh worthy islands. Flecked with gorgeous locals housed in dreamy white abodes next to the sea. Greece is a stunner. It’s every corner a snapshot so glorious it could be sold as a postcard.

000059Each and every day full of crispy salty hair, quenching strawberry daiquiris and the bluest of blue waters closes with cherry violet skies. The colours sweep above the cliff face before a glowing moon shines above visitors that twirl on the dancefloor.

twirlThere’s something beautifully different about the sun and water that envelope Greece. Everything about the elements is just a little bit more stronger, intensified by the percent that makes all its inhabitants glow and its wavy turquoise seas appear so glassy and translucent.

The simplicity of life in Greece was what stuck with me. The all year round sunshine seemed to make the clock stop throughout the islands, stood still in an almost ancient lifestyle. No untidy infrastructure, no busy noisy cities and no 9-5 business hours. Everything just as it was many years ago – untouched and beautiful.


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