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    Spring has sprung my chickens! The season of beautiful blossoms, sunny, soulful days and hay-feverish sniffles. In celebratory fashion I have once again put together a seasonal mixtape for you to groove to alongside a splashful moodboard to get your creative juices flowin’. It was safe to say that I day dreamed quite a bit about ocean and daisy filled days during in it’s creation…

    Make sure to listen to these tunes on your next road-trip or on an afternoon sprawled out in the park in the midst of chirping birds and clear blue skies. Happy Spring!



    lazing youngsters

    lazing youngsters

    IMG_5242 duo 2IMG_5245IMG_5265

    Wearing: Floral printed shirt – SWOP ☆ Overalls – Mr Vintage ☆ Sunglasses –Mink Pink ☆ Denim choker –ASOS ☆1460 Smooth Boots – Doc Martens

    Happy Monday folks!

    Monday’s as per usual have always got me feeling a bit bothered as it is a little while away until the weekend comes by again. On some good news though, I did find a 2 dollar coin in the pocket of these gorgeous overalls I snagged at Splendour upon taking this blog post. Score! #poor-student-life-problems

    I totally recommend embracing your inner preschooler and purchasing some of your own. Not only are they comfy af, but you can pair them with pretty much whatever top you want. T-shirt, knit, skivvy, or tank you could outfit-repeat these beauties to the end of your days. It’s pretty much the perfect go-to for when you simply can’t be bothered prettying yourself up – shout out to all those lazies like me.

    Anywho, I hope you have a splendid week my friends. Stay groovy.


    Life Music


    a splendid photo diary


    Oh hello there, considering the amount of time I haven’t posted on here, I guess I must say the obligatory, ‘long time no see..’ – my sincerest apologies of course, it has been what? Over a month? God dang! Even though I was crazily on my holiday break this past month my blog posting slackness can be blamed on:

    1. My full time work schedule
    2. Some festival prep and adventuring
    3. The whole going back to uni fiasco :'(

    In between these 31 days I had of break I spent time with friends, read some books and finally got my P’s – a freaking brilliant life moment that has finally made me feel all adulty and independent (even though it still kinda feels illegal to be driving around in a car by myself ha).

    But of course the most memorable week in these 31 days was Splendour week. As you may or may not have guessed by the title of this post, I got my film developed from this mindboggling, boogie filled week and assembled together a little photo diary of my favourite moments. I had the time of my f*cking life and learnt a few life lessons in the process such as:

    • Baby wipes will save your life
    • Set up your camp early & pack up your camp early (trust me it will save you the stress)
    • Don’t drink too much on the first night
    • Don’t put your face close to the stove when turning the gas on (your eyelashes and hair will be singed off)
    • Avoid wearing white – you don’t want to end up with black clothing by the end of the night
    • Make friends with your neighbours – they may have a van with a roof to drink atop on + the banter is always good
    • Save your money for some Grill’d – it will be the culinary highlight of your week
    • Don’t forget the ice – hot drinks aren’t so delightful on the taste buds
    • There’s no such thing as too much glitter
    • Stick to YOUR timetable and see who YOU want to see (nothing worse than missing out on your favs)

    The photos above are a little sneak peek into my crazy cool week from the road trip, to the pres, to the funky performances I encountered on stage. It’s safe to say that I have a sweet spot for music festivals and please if one pops up in your town soon, you need to ATTEND – you won’t regret it.

    Anywho, I am off to have a Sunday afternoon picnic with my gal pals where we will most likely discuss some plans for a possible trip to ANOTHER music festival in Byron this New Years (love me some Donald Glover).

    I hope your Sunday was as lovely and as lazy as mine! 😛





    maroon border




    Wearing: Striped smock top – CUE ☆ Black pleated skirt – Ask Grace ☆ Sailor hat –ASOS ☆ Sunglasses – Mink Pink ☆

    Ahoy friends! It may be clear that since twirling around in this outfit a dizzying amount of times, I have come to fully embrace the lingo of a sailor. With some stripes, a neck tie, and a captain’s cap I must say that I’m feeling a lot of Popeye vibes. I scored this insanely wicked top from CUE during their mid-season sale and it was safe to say that it was love at first sight. I mean just look at those flares, god daMN aren’t they amazing!? I gotta say that I’ve become quite fond of this sailor’s hat in the past couple of weeks as well. Paired with some shades, I feel as if it can give any of your outfits more of an artisan flavour to it, don’t you think?

    On another very exciting note, I have had my first ever print article published! EeekK! You can catch it in Profile Magazine at your local cafe (sunny coast peeps I am lookin’ at chu) or you can read it online here!

    How’s your Sunday going anyway? As I write I am currently laying in the sunshine, bathing in some good ol’ vitamin D whilst making afternoon picnic plans with some gal pals. I hope your weekend has been as lovely and as lazy as mine :-))



    Winter Mixtape



    Good evening friends! As you can probably see by the title of this post I have finally put together that obligatory seasonal mixtape for you! And yes I am quite aware that I am a month late (sincerest apologies) – I have been a very busy bee these past couple of weeks as I finally finished uni for the semester (f*ck yeah!!) – it feels good to have a lil break from all those lectures and long public transport journeys.

    This season I thought I would spice things up a lil and create a lovely mood board to accompany this cozy playlist, ya know, just to give you a bit more inspo. Some snaps of warm baths, wooly knits and sun speckled beds make an appearance alongside tunes by Tom Misch, Jesse Davidson and Szymon – what I personally think is the most glorious  combination ever.

    So put your fluffy socks on, cozy up in your favourite blanket and press play above. You’ll thank me on those chilly dreary days for this…

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    Interview: r e l

    cover real

    Let’s face it, nowadays the more we listen to those pop radio stations the more everything sounds the same – some hollow lyrics about last night’s shenanigans melded with that familiar compilation of superficial d-floor beats and bass drops. So it’s one thing when an artist can boast a glorious set of lungs but another when they put them to good use through some good ol’ societal preaching; a heavenly and empowering combo that 20-year-old   r e l so fiercely crafts in her infectious tunes.

    Hailing all the way from the coast of Los Angeles, Arielle Sitrick (aka r e l) is a spirited artist with a gusty flair for songwriting – a knack that has garnered her both critical acclaim and over 500,000 YouTube views. With a fusion of dreamy alt-pop melodies and radiations of emotion, r e l embodies what she dubs as evoca-pop – music that makes you think and feel.

    It’s music that can make you feel a different way…it’s vocal, danceable and singable and has some meat.

    Following the release of her crowd-funded debut self-titled EP last year, r e l has returned with her latest single, ‘Factory’, the ultimate feminist anthem that after just one listen will leave you feeling like god damn Beyonce. (Shoutout to all ma gal pals out there) With dynamic electronic sonics and fierce vocals, ‘Factory’ sparks the sole testament of evoca pop – an empowering 2 minutes and 48 seconds of art that tinkers with your head and leaves you amidst a typhoon of feels.

    Following the release of this kick ass track, I had the opportunity to have a chat with r e l all the way from her hometown in Chicago. The lovely lady and I talked about feminism, songwriting, creating, inspirations and her upcoming album, which both you and I should well and surely be way too excited for.

    Welcome to Freckle Culture! Firstly, how would you define r e l in emojis?


    You refer to your style of music as evoca-pop, could you tell us a bit about what this genre embodies?

    I invented it because I wasn’t really happy with the limitations of genres. My Dad is an inventor and inventing kind of runs in my blood and my music so I thought, you know what, if I don’t like what’s out there I’m just gonna make my own sub-genre. I invented it probably like eight months ago, and I’ve moved pretty fast in terms of creativity and artistic expression. It’s music that can make you feel a different way. My music is about empowering people more than anything. I think that I want to empower people to be in control of their own life and their own happiness and not to be victimised or to put themselves in a victimising position. My next move is breaking the radios pop machine so to speak. My music coming out now is less mainstream pop. It’s vocal, danceable and singable and has some meat.

    Congratulations on the release of your latest single Factory! I have to say that it is the ultimate girl power tune. What inspired you to pen such influential lyrics?

    I go to the University of Southern California and as it’s great academically it has a very potent Greek community with a lot of fraternities and sororities. I was in a sorority for a year and the girls were great, I had a nice time but it ultimately just felt like an unhealthy environment. I grew up in the suburb of Chicago and it was one town over where the movie Mean Girls was based. It was the middle ground of ‘America’ and people were trying to fit into a specific mould, which meant they didn’t do nice things to themselves or other people. I was seeing what my friends were doing, what people I cared about were doing and what I was doing to myself and to other people. ‘Factory’ just kind of came together through those experiences I guess. I actually wrote it with Caroline, the same girl I wrote ‘All That Bite’ with. We had a song writing class together in our freshman year of college and we had to write a single together as an assignment and we started bouncing off ideas about relationships we have had. It then kind of formulated from that poem stanza format into a song and it was the first single I used in my Kickstarter funded EP. ‘Factory’ was the second song we wrote together and we have a really interesting collaborative process because we are very focused but also good at letting our ideas just kind of run out. They then kind of become the verses and the chorus and they are pretty fast paced and hard to play live (laughs).

    What do you think it means to be a feminist in the 21st century? Why do you think it is so important?

    I think what it means to be as a feminist is to care for the rights of all people. I think that comes into play a lot invisibly. As a woman, I’m very sensitive and very hyper-critical of myself and I’m growing to overcome that – especially if this is the realm I want to work in. I have a lot of friends that are high achieving beautiful women and they hate themselves and that’s due to a lot of invisible things that they have grown up with. You’re hyper aware of your body in a public space, you are aware of people watching you and you are aware of these idolised confections of what you are supposed to look like and what you are supposed to do. As a woman, I have experienced and seen so many invisible factors that contribute to self-hatred and I want to combat that. That to me is what feminism is. It’s empowering people, it’s not putting anyone down, it’s not man shaming, it’s not acting to push people away – it’s acting to bring people together.

    I have to say your cover of Gooey by Glass Animals is one of the most magical covers I have ever heard. Do you find that elements within covers give you inspiration for you own creations?

    I do. I find myself covering a lot of males. I cover ‘Kiss’ by Prince in my live shows. Even before he passed away. It was strange because I had been regularly covering ‘Kiss’ for probably about a year and then he passed away. And then about four months ago I did a cover of ‘Space Oddity’, right before David Bowie passed away. I think when you are covering someone you are covering them because you know their music is influential. You are inspired by what they’ve said or you feel an avenue to put your own creative spin on it. I kind of just let covers come to me, so if I’m listening to a song and I think “Oh my god, I have to cover this!” then I will.

    What is so special about translating your own words, thoughts and experiences into lyrics for a global audience?

    The process of it and the similarity of music. I don’t speak any languages beside English, Spanish, Dutch and some sign language, so I can’t speak every language out there, but it’s real cool to experience the way music connects people from so far away and across so many different barriers.

    So I guess for me, I want to be global. There is so much hatred and tension and stereotypes that if you can find a connective ground then that’s the ground I think you should walk on the most. For me, that platform is pop music. It’s so popular and I feel that it is the fast food of music. My boyfriend is a DJ and he is into techno music and the warehouse party scene and is really talented. He always asks me “Why do you listen to the radio? Do you actually like this music?” and I don’t always like it. So if I don’t like it, I want to be able to change it. Whatever your story is, pop music is the fastest and the most accessible music to get your hands on. I want to be the sub-way in that equation.

    How did all this begin for you – when did you know you wanted to start writing and performing?

    I’ve been singing forever. I feel like I’m a sponge, so if I hear a song whether it’s sad or happy, I will inevitably start singing along with it. You know when you’re in elementary school and they give you those behaviour cards? Instead of talking too much I would always be told off for singing too much. Singing has always been there and I’ve always been a writer and a creator.

    Recently I was in Chicago for the first time in a while visiting family and I was on the train and a song I wrote when I was eight years old got stuck in my head. It was the weirdest experience. What I noticed though is that when you are in school, you get fostered to be a writer, but the way you get fostered is academically and analytically. No one ever really talks about song writing, so I kind of found it again in high school. I had a choir teacher that everyone was in love with, me included and he had a song he had written for his college graduation that this beautiful girl Elena sang for our graduation in my junior year and everyone cried. It was gorgeous and I thought I want to do that. I want to make people cry with what I’ve written and I want to make people feel something. So the next year I wrote a song for graduation and it was amazing. From there, I just kept writing and singing. It’s been a really exciting journey and I’ve learnt so much. 

    What was moving to LA like? Since moving do you feel as though you have grown both personally and musically?

    Moving was hard. It was right before high school started so I was in a new town and a new school within a hundred different ZIP codes, so it was a big change. I think going from a small middle classed suburban neighbourhood in Chicago to a cosmopolitan beachy town in LA was definitely a culture shock, but I kind of processed with it underneath. But, it was really cool to experience a kind of different environment at that period of my life at 13 or 14 when I was starting to have my own freedom and go through puberty and all those gross scary things.

    Do you think your experiences in school really impacted your creative approach and outlook to music?

    Absolutely. I’m studying a major that when you tell adults they are like, “Oh what are you gonna do with that?” and I kind of look at them and say “Whatever I want to do”. It’s narrative studying which is the study of story telling. It’s Anthropology, Literature and Film. All across the board it’s stories and I think that it translates perfectly into writing songs and telling stories that way.

    What is the creative process of your writing like? Do you draw inspiration from anything in particular?

    My creative process varies so much. I’m always writing. I have probably about 20 notebooks and way too many notes on my phone. Melodies come all the time and typically if there is a melody, words will come too. If I’m lucky, a whole song will come at once in a span of like ten to thirty minutes. Usually, then I know it’s a song that I want to move forward with. There are other times when a hook or a chorus will come. I try to let it pop back into my head again, one or two weeks later, because if a song doesn’t continue to pop into my head I often won’t move forward with it because it’s a way for me to filter. It’s very cathartic. I can sing and I can write about a lot more things then I can talk about. It helps me process what I’m going through and I think in turn the reason I love music so much is because it helps people deal with their emotions that they can’t always talk about. There are so many ways that music touches people.

    Where can we find you when writing your music?

    So many places. Outside…I like to be outside with the grass and the trees. Other times I’m in my bedroom by myself or in sessions with other writers, on the train or in the car – all over the place really.

    Do you have any artists in particular that you find influential?

    M.I.A. I think it’s really cool that she raps what she cares about and does it for the cause and is really fucking good at it. I love Michael Jackson and Sia. Her approach to songwriting is brilliant. Oh, and of course Beyonce!

    rel c
    Give us some scoop on your upcoming debut album, what can we expect?

    Ideally, I’ll release it on my 21st birthday or around then which is September 21st. About half the songs are finished – finished meaning that I’ve decided they are going to be on the project. It will definitely be released this year, though I’m just trying to get the best material that I can. I think the release is coming more together as a piece about self-love and empowerment which is exciting. 

    What has been the craziest experience in your musical career so far?

    One was when ‘Before The Storm’ started racking up hundreds and thousands of views and I figured out they were coming from Brazil and I thought holy cow I’ve never been there! It was such an amazing feeling.

    And then recently on the flipside, I played a show in LA and I had my purse in the green room and the next morning I found out that all my cash, credit cards, ID’s and keys had been stolen. It’s okay because I got them cancelled and it’s not as bad as a terrible car crash or anything but it sucks. So it’s just kind of learning to be on your guard. It was a good physical enactment of watching your back.

    Also directing and producing a music video for one of my songs! I’ve co-directed them all so far but this is the first time that I’ve really had my feet in and have been both behind and in front of the camera.

    As an up and coming artist, what are your thoughts on having an online presence? Do you think it has made it easier for people to follow their dreams and get their work exposed?

    I think it can be daunting. There are people out there with 2 million followers and I think that’s something that can be scary. If you are doing it because it oozes out of you then you will find a way of making it work.

     What’s the best thing about performing live?

    The energy. When you bring it and when the audience brings it. When they are feeling what you have to say, there’s nothing like it.

    Who would your dream collaboration be with?

    Kendrick Lamar, Jamie XX or Beyonce.

    Top 4 goals for 2016?
    1. Go on tour
    2. Release my album
    3. Have the tour be global
    4. Have something go platinum

    There’s no doubt that r e l’s tunes will be a new addition to each and every one of your daily SoundCloud playlists because quite frankly we all can’t get enough of her hazy synths and dreamy vocals right? Make sure to purchase her self-titled EP on iTunes now and keep your eyes peeled for the release of her upcoming LP that you will be able to snag super soon!

    Keep up to date with r e l on…


    Photo credit: Kacie Tomita



    Daylight ☼ Chills


    IMG_4482 collage  double1 IMG_4505 IMG_4532

    Wearing: Turtleneck ribbed tee – Verge Girl  ☆ Vintage Levi’s – DoCo lifestyle ☆ Superstar sneakers – Adidas ☆ Backpack – Urban Outfitters ☆ Sunglasses – Glassons

    Guys its finally happening…Winter is coming! (& yes that was a sneaky GOT reference – how killer was the last ep ^o^ !!) But have you noticed too!? Twilight is getting earlier and earlier and I even had to opt for my snuggly quilt the other night because it was getting so chilly! Which of course I think is super freaking exciting because ‘winter’ means two of my favourite things. Turtle necks and Boyfriend Jeans.

    So basically in Winter you’ll find me dressed like a nana – turtleneck obsessed in oversized, baggy denims – what could be comfier right?

    As you could probably tell, daytime here is still rather hot but that of course won’t ever stop me from dressing in what I wish the temperature would be – even if I do start to get sweaty 😛

    This outfit here could also be perf for a day at uni. Backpack wise this beauty I snagged from Urban Outfitters is great for lugging around a laptop and a notepad, however if you are a heavy traveller like me and you find it difficult to part without every notebook and necessity you own (I should probably reevaluate my packing decisions…) then I would suggest that you pick another cute tote or pack to haul your precious cargo around in.

    This is the first time in ages that I have actually worn these superstars too! Being the short gal I am I don’t tend to wear them with shorts or skirts because for some reason they just seem to make me look 100x shorter than I actually am – a definite no no for me. Pairing them with longer pieces though, like these jeans, I find that they don’t make me look as stumpy as a shetland pony (lolol) which is crazy good because they are ridiculously comfy!

    Anywho, I shall be off because my many uni assignments that I have procrastinated just a bit too long over are screaming my name! However as soon as the holidays come I hope to create heaps more kick-ass content for ya’ll! I’m very excited :))

    Have a groovy week my friends!

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    A Vintage Tee





    IMG_4337 copy

    Wearing: Vintage Navy T-shirt – Country Road + Harley Davidson tee – Verge Girl + Eleven City Diner vintage tee – American Apparel (op shop find)

    A vintage tee is a piece of clothing that has stayed with us human beans through the long tangled webs of fashion history. There’s something about the basic nature of cotton with embedded bold graphic text that has allowed us for the last century to express our music tastes, the teams we route for, our unique interests, or pretty much anything we believe in; all without uttering a single word.

    For me, it’s a statement piece of apparel. It’s simple but in some many ways catches your eye. In vague terms you could kinda say that it serves for a type of ‘club’ – whilst crossing the street in the city you catch sight of a fellow music lover that wears a band tee that is so achingly similar to the one that sits in your own wardrobe and as you pass each other on the cross walk you smile and give them that knowing head nod, whilst having full knowledge that they probably have absolutely no idea why you are grinning like a freak and admiring their freakin’ exceptional taste in music (ya know the feels right!?)

    So, in perhaps the most non-creepiest way possible, you could say that vintage/band tees possess a certain type of power to connect people. A piece of clothing that stands as a basis for identity and alliance.

    So here I am on this delightful Monday night (minus the dreadful flu that I am currently bedridden with) sporting the start of what I would like to hope is a collection of many vintage tees; featuring a hand-me down from ma mumma, (side note: hope your mothers day was fab!) a splendid op- shop find and a spanking new tee that I am completely in lurrrrve with.



    Above is my all time favourite ‘Inside the Wardrobe’ clip by Vogue, belonging to the one and only Camille Rowe (which features some drool- worthy vintage goodies – check out those Bowie boots! *heart-eye emoji*) and below is a lil list I have compiled of ma fav online stores that you could snag some vintage tee beauties from ~ enjoy angels!

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    Recycled Gems






    Wearing: White Button-up Tee – St Vinnies + Skirt/Pinafore – ASOS + Shoes – Doc Martens + Handbag – Thai Markets

    Hello there ma lovely angels!

    Today I thought I would grace you with a lil outfit that I put together from a colourful fusion of recycled outlets. You could say that I’m a bit of an outfit repeater so after wearing an ensemble for more than what you could consider an ‘acceptable’ amount of times (oopsie daisyy) I tend to switch things up a bit and do what I call a recycle ✌

    In homage to this post I decided to rummage through my wardrobe and pick a couple of items that I either vamped up or thrifted.

    1. White Button-up Tee

    Thanks to what I am assuming is a hand me down from a lovely ol’ lady, I am now happy to be called the owner of this sweet, patterned white button-up tee. Found at my local Vinnies I was instantly fond of this breezy blouse and its cute flowery texture. Thin and silky, it’s a perfect wear for hot sunny afternoons in the park.

    2. Denim Skirt

    Originally brought as a pinafore (and occasionally still worn as one) I now wear this denim getup as a pretty skirt in summer days. With a sneaky fold at the hem and a tuck at some buttons you’ve got yourself a vintage lookin’ garment – TA-DA!

    3. Doc Martens

    Paired with socks from Dad’s working attire (hand-me downs to the next level am I right) I am time-warped back to my days in the classroom every time I slip these suckers on. Brought at the start of my eleventh year of high school these babies have gone through hell and back with me (and yes I’m talking bout chu Mr Bolton – colouring in their yellow stitching really influenced my school uniform and learning ;)…) So as you can see, these low-cut docs have stayed with me since – It seems that I just can’t get enough of their comfy bouncing soles and that chessy school girl get up.

    4. Handbag

    I brought this dandy lil purse from a vintage stall whilst I was strolling through the markets in the land of Thai. Stepping foot into a tiny overheated marquee of dozens of leather purses you could quite frankly say I pounced at this beauty. Being the cheap skate I am I bartered with this cheeky thai lady for a good 5 minutes until she surrendered at the price of 300 baht = $8.50!!!!! Oh how proud I was of that bargain! (✿◠‿◠)

    So friends, when it comes to an outfit, my advice is to be as creative as possible. If like me you are without riches and in need of some new outfits, experiment with some of your older ensembles – you’ll be surprised at what you could do with them :))