Splendour in the Grass 2016



    Hello, boys and gals, I present with you in the early hours of Monday morning Freckle Culture’s Splendour playlist for 2016! For the past couple of weeks my lil brain has been swamped in all things music related. The not one but two Splendour lineup hoaxes (I now have trust issues), the release of the ‘real’ Splendour lineup and the fact that Coachella is taking place at this current second across the globe is kinda putting my mind in turmoil. And yes you’ve probably heard this a million times in the past 48 hours but I’m gonna say it- “Oh how I wish I was at Coachella” because folks, who wouldn’t? It looks mighty insane.

    So yes, this years Splendid Splendour lineup!

    Ok, I’m gonna be honest here, and some of you may disagree with me but I’m gonna say it. I am just a wee bit disappointed & tbh I kinda wish the fake lineup was the official one..and no not the foolish April Fools one (hah) but the lineup that was apparently ‘leaked’ two days before its official release. Like come on, the Kooks, Two Door Cinema Club and freakiNG LANA! How beautiful would that have been!? And also I was low-key hoping that Catfish would return as they abandoned us last year. Sigh…I can only dream.

    But I am however bursting at the seams with happiness over the official lineup. It is still extremely outrageously amazing, I mean it is Splendour so it has to be right? Plus you could say that I am super freaking thrilled that The Strokes are headlining alongside the Cure – way too keen to finally see those gods perform live.

    So as I have been scanning through the lineup and preparing myself by listening to some tunes, I have scribbled the acts I am most excited to see above in that lovely little journal. As well as highlighting acts like crazy over the lineup poster I have spawned that compulsory playlist up for ya’ll to listen to in order to get you pumped for this years shenanigans.

    Presale is this Tuesday for previous purchasers and this Thursday for the public at 9:00am! Get on it pals – I have my fingers crossed for you…



    Pretty In Pink

    pretty and pink2





    Wearing: Top –  Seed + Skirt – Zara + Shoes – My Mum Made It + Sunglasses – Prada (from a market stall in Thailand ★~(◠‿◕✿)

    Hello hello to all you beauties! This weekend I watched Pretty in Pink for the ga-zillionith time and you could say that I got just a tad inspired. Of course I am not as handy as Andie herself with her extravagant fashionista making skills (oh how I wish…) but this pink and white combo has got me feeling all dreamy. Pink just does that to ya I guess ¿? Coming away from this splendid classic with my heart full, I wanted to immerse myself in yet another delightful romance. So on that note I burrowed through my bookshelf and pulled out a few of my favourite books that always make my heart feel all warm and gooey every single time I turn a page…

    The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Oh Gatsby you old sport you…lets all just take a moment to appreciate this literary masterpiece. I absolutely adored everything about this book !!!! The charming array of characters, the bittersweet storyline and the profound writing skills of Fitzgerald. This beautiful story paints a perfect yet corruptive portrait of the American Dream. Safe to say I fell in love with this novel instantly and its heart-wrenching tale and was just a wee bit too excited when I found out I had to read it for English class in Senior year. :–)

    Attachments – Rainbow Rowell

    Ok so this lil work of art is currently my all time favourite. An easy read set in 1999 about an Incredibly Attractive Nerd Who Doesn’t Know He’s Incredibly Attractive called Lincoln. He works as an ‘internet cop’ for his company snooping through internet histories and emails just to make sure that no one is up to any shenanigans during work hours..I guess that’s the 90’s for ya. So yeah, as you could imagine this job would be boring/10 so he amuses himself by reading the endless and endlessly hilarious emails between two best friends. If you need a dose of some sweetness this quirky and touching piece of writing will be sure to make you gush <33

    Lola and the Boy Next Door – Stephanie Perkins

    Lola and the Boy Next door is a perky novel centred around a budding costume designer who loves sparkles, glitter and the colour purple. She is by far one of the most interesting characters I have come across in a book of this genre. Intelligent, creative and eccentric – can we pls be friends!? Once again it’s a delightful little read about a girl and the so ever cliche ‘boy next door’.

    *Characters from Perkins other books make some cheeky appearances too!

    Summer and the City – Cadence Bushnell

    Calling all Sex and the City addicts. This book is the second instalment of ‘The Carrie Diaries’ and follows Carrie Bradshaw on her journey as an iconic writer. I loved this book and yes the fact that it was based in New York City made me fancy it just a little bit more! If you are a compulsive re-runner of this series like maaself then you will for sure fall in love with this coming of age journey.

    About A Girl – Lindsey Kelk (GIRL series)

    This work of chicklit has got me wanting to spontaneously book a holiday to Hawaii and go on a photo-snapping adventure. Combined with my undying love for rom coms and photography I ended up finishing this book in under 24 hours. Record. About A Girl tells the story of Tess Brookes – a girl with a plan. That is until she looses her job and her best friend in the course of just 7 days. After accidentally answering her roommates phone she decides that since her life isn’t really going the way she planned she may as well take up the opportunity of stealing her roommates photography assignment and flying to Hawaii whilst pretending to be her for a week. I mean what could go wrong, right?

    *If you loved About A Girl as much as me, get the rest of the series: #2 – What a Girl Wants, #3 – A Girl’s Best Friend

    I hope ya’ll have a week full of love & happiness my sweets!!



    An Autumn Hiatus



    collage one




    Wearing: Top –  David Lawernce + Shorts – Mink Pink + Denim Jacket – Style Nanda + Sunglasses – David Jones  + Boots – Lipstik + Backpack – Suitcase Rummage + Mum’s (amazing) wardrobe – Neck Scarf

    Hello my friends! I thought I would share with you the outfit I have been living in for the past week.  (Don’t worry it’s in the wash now) Last week I was scrolling through some fashion blogs and browsing through some clothes racks and came to the ultimate conclusion that neck ties/scarves have quite frankly been resurrected – hello from the 70’s!

    Coming across this discovery I instantly dived into my Mum’s wardrobe seeking for those bandana’s  that I remember her so effortlessly sporting in my days as a youngster.

    Bingo – 2, 4, 6 – red, white and black all with exquisite patterns. So of course I had to steal them!  (I told her I was just borrowing them…) So here I am grooving a kind of rocker chick/flight attendant like ensemble. I never thought the two would go together but here you have it. Side note: The addition of the denim jacket was in pure devotion to this post – it was 32 degrees and I was drowning in my own sweat :–) Safe to say I’m unfortunately not feeling any autumn vibes as of yet :/

    On another note it is currently the last night of my mid-semester break and I shall be heading back to uni early tomorrow morning on the very much dreaded 6:18 AM train to Brisbane city. I thoroughly enjoyed this little hiatus and have spent my time eating too many homemade acai bowls, reading too many magazines, researching too many dreamy overseas trips (takE ME TO EUROPE) and procrastinating over too many assignments. oOoPs. Hope you all have a super lovely week!




    A freshman’s guide to uni

    another front

    collage twocollage


    A place where many confused-and scared-about-the-future individuals like myself attend for several years of our life in hope of eventually scoring that ‘dream’ career we have been working our asses off to pursue.

    It is also a place where you could say I have ‘successfully’ completed my first month of study at. That’s right folks, I am now a full-time student. Say hello to $100 textbooks and bye-bye to the dwindling cents left in my wallet.
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    Autumn♫ Mixtape

    autumn mixtape

    And here it is – Freckle Culture’s,  Autumn Mixtape 


    I must say that it was extremely tricky pinpointing my exact favs but I managed to narrow it down to 20 magical tunes. I like to listen to this playlist as the days are getting chillier and the nights are getting darker. Enjoy my friends! :-)



    The 1975 (2.0)


    Once black and white is now pink and blue – fizzing with static. A droning soundtrack makes its slow ascension, taunting screaming fans minute by minute as the time of their arrival becomes closer and closer. And then it’s black. Silent. For just a blink of an eye until the crowd spots the spark of a cigarette and the riffs of a guitar echoes through a sea of buzzing dripping bodies. It’s a frenzy. The crowd is in hysteria as the stage is flooded with a blinding light until we can finally see them in evanescent silhouettes – it is there on stage that The 1975 stand there eyes wide, in their upmost glory. Continue reading