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    Wearing: Zara – Dress + ASOS – Leather Jacket + Windsor Smith – Louey Boots

    Ah hello hello! Holidays are finally here and I could not be any happier to treat you with a new post! This weekend I travelled down to Brisbane city for a little family holiday, so I thought why not take some piccys why I’m down there. To match the eclectic sort of style those city goers have going on I sported this Zara dress from last season that I have absolutely adored for the past year. I matched this with my new leather jacket from Asos that I brought over the excuse that ‘I will need it’ for Splendour in the grass (oops) but hey it goes alright with any outfit though right? Paired with some Windsor boots I can say that I successfully learnt how to cope with walking in heels for pretty much the entire weekend & oh my jesus how good it feels to be sitting down right now. Shoutout to all those high-heel loving girls – how do you do it!?

    I shall be back shortly, Splendour is just around the corner…you could say that I’m just a tad over excited ahhhHHHHhhhhH!



    SITG Outfit Inspo





    Wearing: Verge Girl – Dress + Topshop  Hat + Lipstik – Boots

    Splendour Splendour Splendour, 2 weeks and counting! I purchased this dress around 3 months in advance especially for the occasion, whilst online shopping one day (or what mum tells me is ‘procrastinating’) and I instantly fell in lurrrrve. It’s so so so comfy and idk I just feel so carefree whenever I wear it. Call me silly but its flimsy and floaty nature also makes it super fun to spin around in!

    On another note, I feel like all I ever do is post on holidays and I SINCERELY apologise for my m.i.a occurrences on the blog whilst at school, but I promise ya’ll that I will try my best to upload! Oh and as it is my first time EVER attending a music festival, I will do a review for sure so keep posted! Much love my friends! I hope you’ve had a happy Sunday!


    Music Style






    Wearing: Topshop Crop + American Apparel – Tennis Skirt + Stylenanda – Denim Jacket + Chuck Taylors – Platform Converse + Topshop – Socks

    This post goes out to the lovely lady, Charli XCX. In celebration of my attendance to her gig in Brisbane this coming Thursday I thought that I would share with you what I am planning to wear whilst grooving to some of her tunes. Inspired by that 90’s look that Charli is always effortlessly able to pull off, I have decided to wear my tennis skirt (very much like the one in her latest film clip) with some bright red lippy and a Topshop crop. To put the cherry ontop I grabbed my platform connies (also featured in my last post) in hope to claim that 90’s look just that little bit more.

    As upset as I am about not being able to make it to Groovin the Moo, I am stoked to be seeing this girl at her sideshow and can not wait!









    Music Style

    Coachella trendz


    As another year of Coachella swiftly passes by, I as per usual drown in my own tears whilst scrolling through the never ending outfits and glorious street style of Coachella attendees. When it comes to music festivals like these the boho/hippie theme is kind of a compulsory attire and when we’re talking about Coachella, all fashion expectations must be met. Because you know, it’s Coachella. 

    Over the past few years, the fashion of Coachella has provided a plethora of visual delights allowing it to be one of the only festivals where American feather heads are to be acceptably worn. The weekend provides a cultural bubble where creativity is experimented beyond the mediocre and the quirkier the outfits are, the better.

    So as I so dearly wish to attend this prodigious festival someday (in the near future, I hope) I thought I would share with you my favourite styles that I came across whilst stalking celebrity instagrams and online articles… Continue reading


    The 1975

    3-the-1975-house-of-blues-orlando-music-concert-photography-by-photos-by-chris-martin copy

    Where do I start.

    To begin with, I found out about The 1975 a couple of years ago now, and ever since I heard the vigorous sound of that electric guitar embodied with the inflecting voice of Matt Healy, I have been hooked. Bad. Real Bad.
    Continue reading


    Spontaneous Days Off

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    You have a day off work and you find yourself waking up to a picturesque blue sky, without a plan of attack. Whilst rummaging through your cupboard for breakfast your mind begins to wander – should you spend the day locked away in your bedroom watching reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or perhaps go outside.

    Tempting, I know. However as I a ‘professional’ F.R.I.E.N.D.S re-runner was to give advice on a beautiful summer’s day I would sadly have to say goodbye to Rachael and Ross. Continue reading


    DENIM – mix & match





    roll ups



    Wearing: Saba – Tee + eBay – Shorts + Chuck Taylors – Platform Converse

    Many weekends I find myself in this sort of limbo where leaving the house is an effort, and getting dressed into something other than pyjamas is even more of an effort. In the same situation? Fret no more! As simple as this outfit is, with the touch of a little lippy, mascara and even a belt you can totally rock that ‘Lazy Sunday’ look.

    Two styles in one would be the way to put it, the first being what I like to call the Kendall. Purchasing these shorts from Ebay for only 12 DOLLARS $$, they arrived in the mail looking like ‘man jeans’. As they were pictured on the site ‘rolled up’ I freaked and stared at them in horror at how hideous I thought they were. Eventually I figured out that I actually had to roll them up for them to be ‘baggy shorts’ (duhhh). Over the past few months I have however grown to love the frayed edges and have readily embraced their full length.

    ♥ If you heart these shorts pop over to eBay and just search, high waisted denim shorts  ♥ I hope your Sunday is as lovely and as lazy as mine



    White Stripes

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    Wearing: StyleNanda – Tshirt / American Apparel – Tennis skirt / Tony Bianco – Heels / Prada – Shoulder bag / Natio – Nail Polish

    Walking down the street and spotting a cool ass wall hidden away behind a strand of shops has only happened to me a few times in my existence but when it happens, boy do I get excited. Theres something about the uniqueness of backgrounds in photography. Being an amateur photographer myself I have noticed when posting photos, backgrounds are crucial. It sets the tone and mood of what is captured and is essential if wanting to portray a specific type of theme. So earlier today when I was seeking an appropriate background to highlight my outfit, I immediately sprinted at the site of this groovy wall. Its quirky illustrations and colourful collage-like clippings reflects the simplistic yet fun tone of the outfit featured. Since purchasing my American Apparel skirt I can gladly say that it has been well over worn. (outfit-repeater ALERT!) It’s perfect for a summers day, casual or dressy when paired with the right items. So if you are in need of a casual/dressy/fun skirt I suggest you pop over to American Apparel and have a looky!