DENIM – mix & match





    roll ups



    Wearing: Saba – Tee + eBay – Shorts + Chuck Taylors – Platform Converse

    Many weekends I find myself in this sort of limbo where leaving the house is an effort, and getting dressed into something other than pyjamas is even more of an effort. In the same situation? Fret no more! As simple as this outfit is, with the touch of a little lippy, mascara and even a belt you can totally rock that ‘Lazy Sunday’ look.

    Two styles in one would be the way to put it, the first being what I like to call the Kendall. Purchasing these shorts from Ebay for only 12 DOLLARS $$, they arrived in the mail looking like ‘man jeans’. As they were pictured on the site ‘rolled up’ I freaked and stared at them in horror at how hideous I thought they were. Eventually I figured out that I actually had to roll them up for them to be ‘baggy shorts’ (duhhh). Over the past few months I have however grown to love the frayed edges and have readily embraced their full length.

    ♥ If you heart these shorts pop over to eBay and just search, high waisted denim shorts  ♥ I hope your Sunday is as lovely and as lazy as mine



    White Stripes

    white stripes title







    Wearing: StyleNanda – Tshirt / American Apparel – Tennis skirt / Tony Bianco – Heels / Prada – Shoulder bag / Natio – Nail Polish

    Walking down the street and spotting a cool ass wall hidden away behind a strand of shops has only happened to me a few times in my existence but when it happens, boy do I get excited. Theres something about the uniqueness of backgrounds in photography. Being an amateur photographer myself I have noticed when posting photos, backgrounds are crucial. It sets the tone and mood of what is captured and is essential if wanting to portray a specific type of theme. So earlier today when I was seeking an appropriate background to highlight my outfit, I immediately sprinted at the site of this groovy wall. Its quirky illustrations and colourful collage-like clippings reflects the simplistic yet fun tone of the outfit featured. Since purchasing my American Apparel skirt I can gladly say that it has been well over worn. (outfit-repeater ALERT!) It’s perfect for a summers day, casual or dressy when paired with the right items. So if you are in need of a casual/dressy/fun skirt I suggest you pop over to American Apparel and have a looky!